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Food Sensitivities and Gut Permeability Panels

Gut Permeability and Food Allergy Panels are essential tools for understanding and addressing underlying health issues. TriMotus utilizes gut permeability and food allergy panels to understand the root causes of patient concerns and create a detailed treatment plan.

What Do Gut Permeability and Food Sensitivity Panels Involve?

Gut Permeability and Food Sensitivity Panels are comprehensive assessments that dictate if the immune system is reacting to what is being eaten, or if the gut lining is damaged and how it happened. There are different panels utilized depending on the concerns of the patients.

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, allowing harmful substances to leak into the bloodstream. Testing for leaky gut involves assessing biomarkers to evaluate intestinal barrier integrity and inflammation levels.

 Food sensitivity testing helps identify foods that may trigger adverse reactions, ranging from mild digestive discomfort to severe immune responses. Methods include blood tests measuring IgG antibodies against specific foods and elimination diets.

By combining leaky gut testing and food sensitivity testing, we gain a comprehensive understanding of individual health needs and tailor effective treatment plans for optimal wellness.

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Candidates for Gut Permeability and Food Sensitivity Panels

1. Candidates for gut permeability and food sensitivity panels include those who suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain. These symptoms may indicate underlying gut health issues that could be identified through testing.

2. Individuals with chronic health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or food sensitivities may benefit from gut permeability and food sensitivity panels.

3. Qualified individuals for these panels also include those who suspect they have food sensitivities but have not yet identified the specific triggers. Testing can help pinpoint intolerances, allowing for targeted dietary modifications.

4. Patients interested in optimizing their gut health and overall well-being may choose to undergo gut permeability and food sensitivity panels as part of a proactive approach to health management.

5. Candidates may also include people experiencing unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin issues, or mood disturbances—symptoms such as these could be linked to underlying gut issues or food sensitivities.

What Should I Expect from TriMotus Paneling?

The paneling procedure encompasses several key steps designed to provide comprehensive insights into your physiological status:

1. The paneling process begins with a detailed consultation to gather information about your medical history, current symptoms, and health goals. This initial assessment helps our team understand your unique needs and tailor the paneling approach accordingly.

2. Depending on the type of paneling being conducted, samples are collected. These samples serve as the basis for analyzing different biomarkers and physiological parameters relevant to your health.

3. Once collected, the samples undergo rigorous laboratory analysis that focuses on nutrient levels, hormone levels, and inflammatory markers—all of which provide valuable insights into your physiological functioning.

4. Based on the findings of the paneling analysis, personalized recommendations are developed to address any identified issues and support your overall health and wellness goals. These recommendations may include dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, supplementation, or other interventions tailored to your specific needs.

You can expect a follow-up consultation to review the paneling results and discuss the personalized recommendations in detail. The paneling process at TriMotus is designed to empower you with valuable insights into your health status and provide personalized guidance to optimize your well-being.

Where to Seek Professional Care

With a team of experienced healthcare professionals and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, TriMotus offers a holistic approach to assessing gut health and food sensitivities. Unlike traditional tests, TriMotus employs functional paneling that delves deep into a wide range of biomarkers, unveiling intricate relationships and patterns to uncover underlying imbalances and potential health risks. By taking a proactive, preventive stance, we analyze markers like gut permeability and food sensitivities to detect subtle issues before symptoms manifest. With the insights gained from our paneling process, you’re empowered to develop personalized intervention strategies, including dietary modifications, supplementation, and lifestyle changes, to optimize your well-being.

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The staff and facility are second to none. Dr. Khavari has improved my mobility and eliminated my pain of 15 years. I continue to recommend TriMotus to my friends.

ONE OF THE BEST IN THE VALLEY! I’ve been coming here for almost a month, and am already moving and feeling better than I have in years. After several other doctors and naturopaths failed to help me, I was referred here and couldn’t be happier with the level of knowledge and professionalism I’ve received.

Best Chiro Docs in the Valley! Great nutritional guidance with Nicola. Bio individuality was the key to my success.

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