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Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is a complex condition that causes severe pain that inhibits everyday life. Lower back pain has a multitude of potential causes—some of the most common being muscular strain. However, this pain may be caused by something else like structural issues, abnormalities in the vertebrae, certain medical conditions, or inflammatory disorders. On top of conditions causing the pain, it can also be exacerbated by lifestyle factors such as obesity, sedentary behavior, and smoking. 

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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common burden that could be a minor or chronic affliction. Oftentimes, poor posture, especially with sedentary lifestyles, strains the muscles and ligaments supporting the neck. However, too much repetitive movement can also cause excessive strain and contribute to neck discomfort. For some patients, neck pain may be a chronic degenerative issue, while others may have sudden neck pain from a traumatic injury damaging soft tissues or causing misalignments in the spine. 

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Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a real nuisance, popping up for a variety of reasons ranging from overuse injuries to degenerative conditions affecting the hip joint. One common cause of hip pain is a degenerative joint disease where the cartilage in the hip joint breaks down. Other conditions such as bursitis, and inflammation of fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joint, can cause pain and tenderness around the hip area. Beyond conditions, injuries such as hip fractures, strains, or tears result in acute or chronic hip pain. 

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain typically stems from an intricate network of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the shoulder region. Common causes include traumatic injuries such as fractures, dislocations, or sprains– repetitive overhead movements or poor posture may lead to overuse injuries like tendonitis or bursitis. Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis can gradually wear down the cartilage in the shoulder joint, resulting in pain and stiffness.  

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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be complicated to assess since it could be caused by the bones, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage within the knee joint. One common cause is acute injuries such as ligament tears, meniscus tears, or fractures, often resulting from sports-related activities or accidents. Overuse injuries, including tendonitis or bursitis, may develop gradually due to repetitive motions or excessive strain on the knee joint, and degenerative conditions like the breakdown of cartilage can lead to chronic knee pain, stiffness, and swelling.  

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Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain can start due to a variety of underlying factors affecting the structures in the middle portion of the spine. Traumatic injuries such as fractures or muscle strains can also lead to middle back pain. Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease may contribute to the gradual breakdown of spinal discs and joints, leading to discomfort and stiffness in the middle back. Most commonly, acute cases of middle back pain are caused by poor posture.  

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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is often related to overuse, injury, or underlying medical conditions affecting the structures around the elbow joint. Repetitive motions, such as those involved in sports, are the most common cause. Traumatic injuries can also result in acute elbow pain along with conditions like arthritis. In rarer cases, nerve compression syndromes can also cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the elbow and hand. 

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Muscle Strains/Pulls

Muscle strains occur when muscle fibers stretch or tear beyond their normal limits. Improper warm-up or inadequate stretching before physical activity can increase the risk of muscle strains. Mild cases of strains and pulls that are not treated properly can gradually weaken the muscle fibers and make them more susceptible to injury. Factors such as limited flexibility, imbalances in muscle strength, unexpected collisions, and problems with body mechanics can all play a role in causing muscle strains. 

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Ankle and Foot Pains

Ankle and foot pain, including sprains, can stem from a variety of factors related to the complex structure and function of the lower extremities. One common cause is traumatic injury, such as twisting or rolling the ankle during physical activity or sustaining an impact on the foot. This may lead to ligament sprains or tears, resulting in discomfort, swelling, and an unsteady feeling in the impacted joint. Overuse or repetitive stress on the ankle or foot, often from activities like running or prolonged standing, can cause inflammation of the tendons or joints, resulting in chronic pain and discomfort. Biomechanical issues such as flat feet or high arches can also contribute to abnormal stress on the ankle and foot, increasing the risk of injury. Additionally, underlying medical conditions like arthritis or tendonitis can cause pain and stiffness in the ankle and foot joints, impairing mobility and function. 

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Patient Reviews

Dr. Cam is amazing at his work/practice. He was highly referred by a trusted friend who I told did not do him justice. He is the best practitioner in the rehab chiro business I have had work on me.

Best Chiro Docs in the Valley! Great nutritional guidance with Nicola. Bio individuality was the key to my success.

ONE OF THE BEST IN THE VALLEY! I’ve been coming here for almost a month, and am already moving and feeling better than I have in years. After several other doctors and naturopaths failed to help me, I was referred here and couldn’t be happier with the level of knowledge and professionalism I’ve received.

Excellent care from start to end – consistent communication, thoughtful approaches and reliable teamwork are on point 100% of the time. Very thankful for my team at TriMotus!

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