Patient Education


Our mission is to empower, guide and educate our patients to a mindset of radical wellness. We do this by determining the root cause of your health concern, overcome it and then provide our patients with their individualized operators manual. By acquiring these tools, you now can become your own wellness expert, taking control of your own health.

-Radical Wellness-

rad·i·cal well·ness: 1. The extremely deliberate effort of preventing disease, prolonging health span and living your best life.

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Sherry Simon

Seriously the best experience I've ever had. From Dr. Khavari to Nicole, everyone is professional, kind and truly interested in helping ME, and not with a "quick fix" "fly by night" "gizmo", but with knowledge, facts and great information. So glad Dr. Khavari sat behind me on the plane! Highly, highly recommend them!



Camille Matthews

Dr. Khavari and his Team are AMAZING! He is multi-faceted and works in all areas of your health and wellness. He incorporates Chiropractic, acupuncture, cold laser, cupping, sports medicine and a good dose of laughter as well! He listens to you and your body and has a keen intuitive nature - he just “knows” how to get your body working the way it was built to! Highly highly recommend you call TriMotus!

Cheryl Stice

I have been a runner most of my life and I also play sports. About a year and a half ago I started seeing Dr Khavari and Dr Hedeen because I was in so much pain in my I am back to doing all the things I like to do including running thanks to Trimotus....

TriMotus Arcadia