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Foot Orthotics

Custom fit foot orthotics can make an unbelievable difference in alleviating lower body pain and dysfunction.  Often, alterations in the mechanics of the foot can cause pain and damaged soft tissue in the foot, shin and knee.  These alterations cause improper joint loading in the foot and ankle which can throw off the mechanics above, thus causing early wearing of joints and unideal movement strategies.  If this altered or ‘compensated’ movement strategies exist, pain, dysfunction and arthritic changes to the hip, knee, ankle and low back are imminent.  

Not all patients are candidates for custom foot orthotics but with one exam the doctors at Functional Biomechanics can tell you if custom orthotics are the right move for you.  Typically, dysfunction of the foot and ankle occur in motion, therefore our exam looks at your foot as it moves through its natural gait cycle.  The exam will give us a detailed profile of your foot and ankle so we can create a high-quality custom fit foot orthotic catered to your mechanical pattern.  

At Functional Biomechanics, we have partnered with Xtreme Footwerks in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Shawn Eno, founder of Xtreme Footwerks, is a certified board pedorthist who takes the time to apply every detail from our assessment into your personalized orthotics. Our doctors are trained in both standing and specialized gait analysis. We utilize a broad range of biomechanical evaluations for your orthotics including videos, photographic analysis, motion induced ink pedograph, and foam casting to create your one-of-a-kind orthotics. If you are having problems with standing, walking, or training for a marathon call today.