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TriMotus® Movement Screening (TMS)

TriMotus (pH) and (Fn) patients must go through our blend of fundamental movements that can predict where injury is likely manifesting from.  This 11-point movement screen is paramount to finding the root cause of dysfunction, ultimately uncovering hidden ‘chinks in your armor’.  The TMS can also show areas of immobility and weakness in muscle groups that are traditionally missed if a comprehensive movement inventory is not taken.  The TMS is versatile and can be performed on any injury, any body type, any age, any size, and any athletic skill set.    The TriMotus® Movement Screen is a refined and evolved set of movements that can help the practitioner identify subtle functional errors, these errors when left uncorrected will express themselves as pain in the body and the pain is typically away from the site of these errors.  The TMS gives us extreme clarity on what the road to recovery looks like and what modalities each treatment must consist of to achieve results.