Functional Training & Performance

Functional Training is our approach to proper weight training, plyometric exercise and fitness programming that is specific to each patient’s functional blueprint and sport specific demands. This program meets the client’s goals while respecting functional limitations as well as current and previous injuries. Our goal is to achieve your goals while eliminating functional limitation and strengthening your bodies stabilizing muscle systems to prevent any chance of future injury. Through this we aim to have you performing at a level you never thought possible.

We start our patients with a Fundamental Movement Examination done by your functional trainer. The information we gather on your first session will help us draw our functional training road map to movement optimization, strengthen the appropriate muscle groups and determine which areas need to be focused on to increase your sport performance if applicable.
Functional Training is a special blend of weight training and fitness philosophies combined with strategic biomechanical principles that stress an importance on proper form and loading mechanics. We utilize these principles along with other science and research based methods to build a personalized training program to help you achieve functional changes and optimal performance that lasts. Functional training is truly training not just exercise.