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These seminars are intended for people looking for more information.  It is content that anyone with any adult educational level can understand.

Thyroid Seminars

The thyroid is the central gear in the complex web of metabolism and is extremely sensitive to minor imbalances in other areas of physiology.  Thyroid disorders are grossly underserved in the conventional healthcare system in the U.S. today.  Practitioners within the conventional healthcare system simply measure TSH and provide synthetic hormones if abnormal.  If any other symptoms persist after a normalization of TSH, each existing symptom is then medicated.  The question of why the patient has become hypothyroid is rarely asked. Furthermore, the question of why the patient may have persistent thyroid symptoms after normalizing the TSH is also rarely asked. 
Learn why thyroid disorders are extremely prevalent in the US and continue to increase every year.  Also, understand what the doctors at Trimotus are doing to reclaim your life by eliminating your thyroid symptoms naturally when you attend this educational seminar put on by TriMotus!

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