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Dad Bods, Man Boobs and Low T

The Father’s Day Health Tips That Turns the Run-Down Man into Super Dad

Work, kids, money, marital stresses, not having time for the gym, sleepless nights and home repairs are all the daily struggles of the modern-day man.  The grind is epic.  The burn-out factor grows daily, time runs out and your thoughts of good intentions melt away just as fast as the cash in your wallet disintegrates from hiring babysitters and tipping the valet guy because parking too far with all these kids is a bear.  Those good intentions usually look like healthy things, things that may get your mind of the struggle and being on 24-7.  Most men that share a lifestyle like the one above hit the gym with any spare time they get, hit a bucket of balls, play some hoop with your bros or just sit alone in a coffee shop and enjoy the sound of espresso machines and small talk, anything but the kids, right? 

All Supermen have their Kryptonite

Odds are if you’re a middle-aged man with kids you can 100% relate.  With our foot on the gas and your indestructible mindset all of this is possible short term, with a long-term cost.  This high-stress, high-demanding and physically costing role you play as superman builds up stressors over time.  These stressors are toxic to your health, even toxic to the things that make you ‘ALL THAT IS MAN’ (said while beating your chest and screaming).  Dad life leads to high cortisol due to the obstacles you must maneuver through on a day to day basis.  Cortisol is our stress manager and over time dad life does a number on cortisol levels. The problem with cortisol is that when it is off balance it throws off your blood sugar, increasing body fat (man boobs), lowers testosterone, lowering lean muscle mass and can interrupt deep sleep patterns.  If these issues keep persisting risk for erectile dysfunction, low libido and sex drive can plummet.

Fatherhood is an extremely rewarding gift, raising children and balancing it with work and play is a difficult task that is worth every second.  Respecting the fact that even superman has his Lex Luther and kryptonite, the dad faces burn-out, high cortisol and low testosterone.  For superman and the amazing father both villains attempt to take away what is dear to you, your strength, your energy and your villain may rob you of your sex life… My vote for worst villain ever.

Beating the Demise of Dad

Making time for yourself is such a cliché but unfortunately its true. Dad’s get ‘me time’ certainly one time a year and obviously that’s not enough but it’s a start. Maximizing what you do with that day or week could really change the complexion of how your fatherhood journey turns out.

Stretch Those Stiff Muscles Pops!!

Typically, dads have pains and aches in their lower backs, necks, knees or shoulders, this is usually due to limited time to get into the gym and when you do its like your 18 again and your pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Problem is that we rarely give time for good stretching and mobility even if you do or don’t get to the gym.  


  • Quads and Hip Flexors- From sitting in your office or recliner chair too d**n long
  • Pecs- Usually from years of over doing chest with not enough back exercises. Bench pressing your kiddos too
  • Middle Back- Usually from being a desk jockey and lifting your kids incorrectly
  • Hamstrings-Lack of deadlifts, weak glute muscles and low back stabilizers
  • Neck Muscles- Once again work posture and when is the last time you bought a new pillow?
  • Forearms and Triceps- Are work is always done with our hands and years of sports or video games can really put a squeeze on those muscles.

Stretching and mobility exercises are hard, but it’s a good stress our body needs.  We need those good stresses to increase your power, energy and keep up with your offspring.  It plays a huge role in growth factor production as well which will always help the work of testosterone.  Start implementing a 10 to 45 minute stretch routine in your day to give your body a well needed boost of mobility.

Don’t Stress It!

Easier said then done.  Most men are reluctant to do proactive care for their bodies and internal health because of the macho, “I’m tough” and indestructible attitude.  Working on your health is attractive guys! Its all about living well, being well, feeling good and looking good.  The last thing your woman wants is to nag you to take care of yourself, she probably also doesn’t want low libido and man boobs either.  Its time to take control of your health, even if you feel good getting a well-man’s exam with extremely thorough blood work is a step in the right direction.  The reassurance of maintaining optimal blood chemistry that leads to true indestructibility is extremely rewarding and having more testosterone than your buddies isn’t all that bad.


  • Total and Free Testosterone – Energy, power, strength, red blood cells, healing, everything sweet.
  • AM Cortisol – Measures cortisol. Stress marker
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)- assesses prostate cancer and early warnings
  • Vitamin D – Immune system, energy and precursor vitamin for all your hormones
  • Estradiol – Maintain lower levels to avoid man boobs
  • Homocysteine- Maintain lower levels for brain and heart health. Great inflammatory marker.
  • Fasting Glucose and Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1C) – Blood sugar control. Usually raises if cortisol is high or low.
  • Thyroid Markers (TSH, Free and Total T3 and T4, Reverse T3, T3 Uptake, TPO Antibodies) - Great to see how well you can burn fat, keep high energy and rule out autoimmune issues with the thyroid.

This is a comprehensive Men’s blood panel that are only run by elite Functional Medicine providers in your area. (See definition of Functional Medicine below)

Functional Medicine is a branch of medicine that is a newly evolved model that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st Century.  Functional medicine programs are the gold standard for patients that are looking to work together with their provider to address underlying cause of disease and promote optimal wellness.Its time to raise your game and turn dad life up a notch, get moving and test your blood with an elite provider and protect the one thing your wife and kids need, YOU!

Author Dr. Cameron Khavari

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