Chiropractic | Trimotus


Chiropractic adjustments/mobilization when done properly are one of the most effective treatment procedures for spinal and extremity joint dysfunction and pain relief.   Our Chiropractic philosophy at Functional Biomechanics is to focus on the immobility or hypermobility of each joint.  We mobilize joints that are not moving properly and stabilize joints that are moving excessively with our rehabilitation program.  This is a very simple concept.  For example, think of your spine as workers in an assembly line.  If there are workers that are non-productive (non-moving segments in your spine) then workers down the line must work harder (spinal segments that move too much) to achieve the finished product (full spine motion for movement).   We restore movement in the non-moving segments to even out the motion in the entire spine.  This creates an equal workload for the entire spine.  This is called a Joint-by-Joint approach and we maintain this philosophy throughout the whole body.  

Chiropractic treatment has grown significantly in the past 120 years.  It continues to grow as the manual therapy of choice for alternative care around the world. Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations are vital to the restoration and natural function of many neuromusculoskeletal conditions.