As advocates for each patient being able to take control of their health, we want our patients to fully understand our approach to physical medicine and our pain treatment process. In order to do this you first need to understand what physical medicine is. Physical medicine is a branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats biomechanical disorders and injuries. When it comes to understanding what physical medicine is, we want you to think of physical medicine as a pie with several pieces.


Normal human function is a series of complex systems. It is important when dealing with the human body to understand the way these systems work together and to use the right tool(s) to properly correct any dysfunction within the process. This is where an understanding of functional biomechanics comes in. Much like a handyman carries an entire toolbox, not just a hammer,  we rely on a variety of tools and techniques to assess and treat even the most difficult cases. These tools and techniques are what make up the pieces of the “physical medicine pie” and guide every aspect of our evaluation and treatment process.

The doctors at Functional Biomechanics may use a combination of any or all of these pieces of the pie when diagnosing and treating our patients. By utilizing these diversified tools and techniques, we have the ability to get the right answers and match the diagnosis with the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future informative articles in which we will be going into more detail on each individual piece of the physical medicine pie and offering educational tips on keeping your body healthy, functional and pain free.

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