TriMotus Philosophy

Dr. Khavari’s innovative three-core methodologies—developed through more than a decade of education, research and practice— empower clients to achieve their prime health and vitality potential.  Dr. Khavari works alongside a carefully curated team of certified professionals, dedicated to addressing each individual’s needs and cultivating a community of knowledgeable, driven and supportive movers.

“Your journey to radical wellness starts with convergence, understanding your body’s systems and how they interact. The goal of our three-core approach is to go beyond the traditional medical and therapeutic approach to redesign the way your body moves, functions and thinks.”
– Dr. Cameron Khavari


Three-Core System:

The TriMotus  three-core system is integration, reimagined. By removing traditional barriers separating physical, functional and internal wellness services, the TriMotus three-core system allows for unparalleled integration and collaboration between your team of expert wellness specialists.

The TriMotus three-core system is at the head and heart of TriMotus, each core—PHYSICAL,FUNCTIONAL and INTERNAL— synced to one another, guiding each patient along the path to peak vitality and radical wellness.


“(pH)Core is a balanced approach to health.”

TriMotus(pH) or (pH)Core is a home for movement professionals and clients looking for balance on their path to mobility and stability.  Both the philosophy and practice behind (pH)Core combines Chiropractic and functional biomechanical techniques in conversation with TriMotus’ FUNCTIONAL and INTERNAL cores.  The result is a comprehensive wellness experience that helps your body as it learns to heal naturally and provides a structural foundation for pain prevention.


“(Fn)Core is your personal path to achieving your prime strength and performance potential.”

One of the most difficult parts of any fitness training is finding the right blend of fitness and
corrective exercise, for a complete performance training regimen. TriMotus(Fn) or (Fn)Core blends elite training philosophies with strategic biomechanical principles to create a personalized training program that helps you achieve your strength and fitness goals.

(Fn)Core’s combination of evidence-based weight training, plyometric exercise and fitness programming is contoured to each patient’s functional blueprint and sport-specific demands.


(i)Core consists of a personalized system of internal health, nutritional guidance and functional supplementary recommendations designed to maximize your TriMotus experience and help you reach your internal health potential.  Every individualized (i)Core system is carefully constructed by Dr. Khavari and his team of health and wellness practitioners to respond to each patient’s level of health strengths, limitations, dysfunctions and personal struggles they are having with overcoming disease.  (i)Core fully integrates into each patient’s TriMotus agenda, supporting physical and functional goals with a wellness plan that optimizes the internal health of the body’s natural healing systems.

"By starting with integration as our guiding principal, our patients are able to achieve their mobility goals with greater efficiency and impact. We're not just treating symptoms, we're strengthening and building your core from the ground up." - Dr. Cameron Khavari

We work to truly understand how your condition is affecting your everyday life and we want every patient to feel comfortable when visiting our center. For more information, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions and read through what to expect during your first visit