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DNS - Weightlifting Course

Course Description

The DNS Weight Lifting Course targets strength coaches, personal trainers and clinical professionals working with athletes and/or utilizing weight training in their treatments. Attendees of these courses should expect an improved understanding of DNS and its application to weightlifting.
DNS Weightlifting will be an DNS Exercise 1 course with an emphasis on weight lifting. Attendees will learn the basics of DNS and get an introduction as to how DNS principles may be applied to strength & conditioning — namely the squat, deadlift and bench press.


  • Provide an enhanced understanding of the biomechanics of the squat, deadlift and bench press.
  • Compare the different variations of the squat (high bar, low bar and front squat) for more precise implementation into training.
  • Improve participants' understanding of the kinematics of stabilization for weight lifting.
  • Provide proper cuing to enable coaches and athletes to perform the technique in a way that is consistent with DNS principles.


IMPORTANT: this is not an introductory course for these movements.  Attendees should have experience with these movements prior to attending.

No prior DNS courses are required.  DNS Weightlifting is an Exercise 1 course with an emphasis on weightlifting.  Coaches, trainers and physicians without any prior DNS experience can attend this course, which will count as an Exercise 1 course for the advancement through the DNS Exercise series.


Course Location 
Exos – Scottsdale 
2629 E Rose Garden Ln 
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Course Schedule 
March 9th - 11th
Friday: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm

Course Organizer
Cameron Khavari, D.C.

Course Fees and Registration    (both fees must be paid to complete registration process and secure your seat)

  1. Pay the Prague School Fee of 80 Euros   PAY HERE
  2. Submit Registration Form
  3. Course Fee is $595 for Early Bird Registration Before Dec 31st   
    $695 Registration After Dec 31st 
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DNS encompasses principles of developmental kinesiology during the 1st year of life. These principles define ideal posture, breathing stereotypes and functional joint centration from a “neuro-developmental” paradigm. DNS presents a critical set of functional tests to analyze the quality of functional stability of the spinal and joint stabilizers, and to assist in finding the “key link” of dysfunction. The stabilization training approach is based on ontogenetic global postural-locomotor patterns. The primary goal is to optimize distribution of internal forces of the muscles acting on each segment of the spine and/or any other joint.In the DNS training concept, client education and participation are imperative to reinforce ideal coordination among all stabilizing muscles to achieve the best sport performance. DNS Sport Course attendees are advised on how to start training the ideal postural stabilization function in the easiest and most primitive positions. They then learn how to progress the exercises by using more challenging positions, applying resistance and/or by adding limb movement to meet client’s specific requirements and sport goals.